Sony XBR75X850D LED 4K HDR Ultra HDTV Review

Sony XBR75X850D LED 4K HDR Ultra HDTV Review
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Sony XBR75X850D 1

This Sony XBR75X850D 75-Inch 4K HDR Ultra HD TV is what you get when you combine the brilliance of 4k clarity and the colors, brightness, and details of High Dynamic Range (HDR). This Sony 2016 model add the 4k magic into every scene. Enjoy more depth, color, and realism with its Triluminous Display. It’s as if the colors come alive. Aside from the rich visuals, its style readily blends in with any modern living room with its beautiful, thin profile

  • Combines 4k TV and HDR technology
  • Comes in a slim and beautiful design
  • Compatible with Android TV
  • Capable of Voice Search on Android TV

Sony XBR75X850D 2

I purchased this TV today after spending about 1.5 hours at the store testing it out. I will tell you that its best to see the results for yourself rather than reading a review (especially the bad ones. I’l explain why) To start, its best for you to bring your own videos to actually see real stuff. I recommend downloading the “Lights Out” trailer in HD or the “Scream 4 Credits” in HD from Youtube. (more about this later) Take these to the store and tell the rep you want to play these videos.

To start, the color on this TV are absolutely amazing. The skin tones are practically lifelke, The TV absolutely rocks for its price. I enjoyed playing with Google TV. its fast and stable. However, I did notice some lag (about 1-2 seconds) after launching one of the apps.

Now, the reason why I said you should download those videos has to do with what the bad reviewers say about the TV’s light bleed. I decided to see it for myself and download real content to look at VS watching a TV demo so I bought my USB drive and had the rep plug it in so i could get a REAL test. By the way, if you do this, it will take about 2 minutes for the TV to read whats on your USB drive. Thats annoying. If you play the “Lights Out” trailer, there is a scene at the beginning, where she repeatedly turns off the light and back on. During this time, you get to see how the TV handles dark scenes. You will see how the TV doesnt have the blackest blacks ever for a TV and you do see just a tad light bleeed and it is tad bit blackish/greyish when the light goes out. This is further confirmed by playing the “Scream 4” credits video.You will see that there is a little light bleed but it is nothing to be of concern of. It could be blacker yes, but the TV makes up for this due its high color display. You will notice that you can see what is in the dark because the display is able to lighten up certai parts of the scene. This is confirmed when playing the Scream 4 credits video. The TV shines during the “Scream 4” credits because it is able to immediately rearrange the colors on skin tones in dark scenes so they dont appear washed out due to light bleeding! I”m assuming It is due to the Triluminos and Xreality Pro tech built into the TV.

What really drove me to purchase the TV though was the upscaler. Yes, playing those videos (Lights Out 1080p, Scream 4 720p) will cause the TV to defintely go into Upscale mode and you will notice how clear the picture is. The clarity of those videos was so clear, that the rep actually thougth it was full 4K. That should speak for itself how amazing the upscaler is. If you have HD cable, you wont be disappointed as this will make all your HD channels practically 4k for you. Just seeing this in action will make anyone purchase the TV (or it should at least). That is what the people who gave the TV bad reviews fail to mention.

I had the rep play these videos on the Xbr65x930D (Sonys flaghship this year) and the xbr65x900 (Sonys flaghsip last year) for a comparison so I could see with my own eyes. I recommend you do this too. Get this model and avoid the xbrx900 or play the videos on them to see with your own eyes. The light bleed will definitely be noticeable in each corner on the x900. Its so bad on the x900 that im suprised Sony never issued a recall on that model. It seriously looks like a major defect. The x930 will defintely knock both of these TVs out in picture quality out due to it having local dimming as well as the the fact that its not using an IPS display that the 65x850D uses. However on regular scenes like the common cable TV sitcom or watching a movie like Avengers, or the news or Netflix or Hulu., you wil not be able to tell the difference from this model vs the x930 in terms of color. It does lack in dark scenes, but it makes up for it in everything else

Other cool things, its an android TV, has Playstation Now and supports screen mirrroring, out of the box. You can install many apps on it. I dont know if this will slow down the TV but i dont use that many apps anyway. I didnt like that when I put in my USB flash drive it took like 2 minutes for it to read the contents. It detected the USB immediately but then when it was reading it took two minutes to show that I had content on it. -_- .

Overall, this tV is a great buy! Download those videos from Youtube using whatever program of your choosing but just make sure it can download them in HD. Or, download your own videos of your choosing that have dark scenes in them.. Take it to best buy or whatever store you go to and have the rep play the videos. They are usually more than happy to do so. Its best to see with your own eyes. Play them on al three of the TVs to see a comparison an difference in picture clarity, black levels, and how the TVs upscale.

Sony XBR75X850D 3

This TV rules, big and beautiful. Had a issue about 3 months later with a small white vertical line, called Sony and they replaced it within a few weeks. Nervous about buying a big tv from amazon, but so far I’m happy with the decision. Might want to purchase a warranty, though.
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