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  • High refresh rate ensures blur-free picture rendering in fast action scenes
  • Makes use of 3D functionality
  • Integrates smart functionality
  • Excellent picture quality due to UHD display resolution
  • Incredibly heavy
  • Very expensive

If you need a monster set for your big house and don’t mind spending a lot, then you should definitely get the LG Electronics 98UB9810. It’s a massive 98 inch set with a 4K UHD resolution panel, 3D capabilities and smart functionality. The extended connectivity options allow you to connect all your favorite external media devices and play games, watch movies in super high definition and enjoy sports with a exceptional clarity.

LG is a highly known for adding much to the high-tech electronics industry through the use of their smart TV range, along with top smartphones, tablets and wearables. The primary interest of this company is producing qualitative devices, so you should receive a reliable TV if you decide to purchase one.


The screen measures exactly 98 inches diagonally. The LG 98UB9810 display size is broad enough so you can watch it from a few feet away. The ideal watching distance is in the 9.8 – 12.8 foot range and with minor adjustments you will be able to enjoy the big screen experience, from the comfort of your sofa.

LG Electronics 98UB9810 98-inch 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV SIDEThe screen renders 4K resolutions. 4K resolution is one of the latest in technological innovations found in modern TV set screens. This high resolution is known to produce incredible visuals, true to life scenery and exceptional picture quality. LG 98UB9810 integrates a 4K UHD-ready television screen. You can watch exceptionally high resolution movies and shows with flawless quality and even play your favorite video games in high detail settings once you connect your destkop or gaming console to the television set.

This is a large television set. It is crucial that you take this into account before you acquire it. You will need an acquaintance to help out with hauling and placing it in the desired location. Being a large TV set implies that it weighs a lot really. But a big TV set is not automatically a bad thing: you have to consider the cinematic feel you will get when you enjoy a movie or a sports game with all your buddies gathered around the vast screen.

The edge of the TV screen is pretty slim. It aids the LG 98UB9810 to retain essentially, a modern yet minimalist look. Thin edges are a new feature present on newer TV models that keep the dimensions down to a minimum. This helps if you want to place the TV in tight spots.


This television set has a flat display. Flat panels have been in production for a few years, and they are not going anywhere. They are integrated in all current televisions and have the convenience of being light and keep the televisions profile quite slim. You could get a flat panel TV seeing that they have become pretty cheap over the years.

The television screen features a 120Hz refresh rate. 120Hz is a very good refresh rate for a modern TV. This can ensure that you will not loose any details in high-speed scenery like when you enjoy a sports match or play video games on your console. No matter how fast the scenes in your content that you enjoy watching, this TV is capable to render it, thanks to an increased refresh rate. You should not run into any types of ghosting or lagging issues if you decide to buy the LG 98UB9810 TV.

This television set includes 3D technology. Aside from already having a higher resolution and refresh rate, this TV will also permit you to play 3D-enabled content from   of your couch. The incorporation of 3D displaying capabilities bring the price up a bit for the LG 98UB9810, but if you fancy watching movies with special effects, the investment will definitely be worth the cost. You are no stranger to 3D content, because this TV can deliver outstanding special effects blockbusters to your living room, so you can watch them with family and friends.


The LG Electronics 98UB9810 uses 4 HDMI ports, 3 total USB ports, 1 Component input, 1 Composite input. With such a selection of inputs you should not run into any problems connecting your external devices to the TV.

Price: US$666 Now  Buy
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