China Smartphone oppo R9 Plus Price in China –

China Smartphone oppo R9 Plus Price in China –
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The Oppo R9 Plus is a remarkable device that has just landed in Singapore. Oppo’s latest selfie-expert, the Oppo R9 just got a massive upgrade in terms of size and batter life. The Oppo R9 Plus is a “phabulous” phablet that seeks to impress. It’s aesthetically-pleasing metal frame along with superb front and rear shooter makes it a force to be reckoned with.



The Oppo R9 looks remarkably similar to Apple’s iPhone, with some minor tweaks in design. The beautifully-designed device has a metallic chassis on the rear as well as a sleek and glossy screen on the front.


The 6-inch phablet has a decent screen-to-body ratio. As a result, gripping it in one hand doesn’t prove to be as difficult as other 6-inch devices in the market. Nevertheless, trying to maneuver and navigate across the phone’s Color OS 3.0 isn’t an easy feat unless you have extremely long fingers that can reach the opposite end of the smartphone screen.


Unlike the Oppo R7,  the fingerprint sensor of the device is located on the home button in the front, which is less conveniently located as opposed to the R7’s one at the rear of the phone. Nevertheless, it gets the job done just as well.


The R9 Plus, that’s 7.4 mm thick and 185g in weight feels significantly heavier than the R9. For a 6-inch phone, the weight is still acceptable, but those who prefer a lighter touch should not choose to go for a 6-inch device. However, the heavier weight of the phone is a good trade-off for the massive Li-Po 4120 mAh battery.


The Oppo R9 is a fairly solid device, armed with a fingerprint sensor, 1080 x 1920 pixels Full-HD display, dual-SIM features and 64GB or 128GB worth of storage space which can be expanded to 128GB.



With 64/128GB worth of storage space, the device should work perfectly fine on its own, even if you are a serial binge-watcher. Nevertheless, if you firmly insist on downloading all 6 seasons of Game of Thrones in full-HD, you can add in a microSD to expand your storage space till 128GB, ensuring you never run into memory issues.


There are 2 slots you can fit your Nano-SIM into the Oppo R9 Plus. However, should you choose to insert a memory card into one of them, you will not be able to use the other slot for a SIM card.


The Oppo R9 Plus fares well, which can only be expected from a mid-high range phone.


The device is armed with the new Snapdragon 652 processor. This isn’t as powerful as the highest end 820 processor, but it gets the job done well enough. With 4GB worth of RAM on this device, multi-tasking should feel like a breeze.


AnTuTu Benchmarks gave this device a score of 84286 which was comparable to the Huawei P9’s 91711 and Samsung Galaxy Note 5’s 83944.

My personal experience with it was smooth and lag-free. It wasn’t the snappiest phone out there, but it was more than enough. Running multiple productivity apps on the go such as Docs, Sheets, Chrome amongst many other apps didn’t see much of a decline in performance.

The device also didn’t overheat much, if at all when being used intensely for long duration.



The Oppo R9 Plus holds a Adreno 510 GPU, which is a pretty good graphics processor.

Running normal games didn’t tax the R9 Plus at all. Intensive games on the other hand, causes the R9 Plus to freeze a little at some points, but the experience was fairly smooth overall.

ES 3.1 tests gave it 327.1 Frames, which is above the Samsung S6 Edge, but lower than the Sony Xperia X, showing that the device can hold its water in the gaming field, but is most definitely not a dedicated device for gamers.



The R9 Plus is one of the best Android camera-phones in the market. It’s rear and front camera are equally impressive.


Rear Shot (Auto-Focused on Bright Areas)

Manual Focus on Darker Areas

Manual Focus on Darker Areas

The 16 MP, f/2.0 camera on both the front and rear strikes a good balance between a strong resolution and light sensitivity. The Hi-Light software also helps the device capture decent shots even in low-light conditions that destroy most Android cameras.

The front camera was equally, if not more impressive than the rear camera. With beauty mode amongst a whole range of shooting modes, the Oppo R9 Plus has an impressive camera not only due to its strong hardware, but well-thought out camera software as well.

My favourite part of the selfie shooter was basically having a mode where you can wave your hand at the camera to take a selfie without using a self-timer.

Battery Life


With a Li-Po 4120 mAh battery. You simply do not have to worry about running out of battery at all. The Oppo R9 Plus should last you more than a day without recharging, even if you are a heavy smartphone user like me.




The Oppo R9 Plus runs the latest Color OS 3.0. Like other Chinese phones, for instance Xiaomi’s Mi OS, the Colo OS 3.o can be quite rigid despite its many strong points.

Transferring your old contacts, apps and backups from your previous Android devices is tedious and troublesome since it doesn’t allow you to auto-restore your old image from your previous phone.


The Color OS also automatically halts and closes other applications in the background in an effort to keep the system power efficient and fast. Whilst this is a great thing most of the time, there are potential pitfalls. For instance, using Google Fit to track a run is an issue since going back to the “Home Screen” will halt the run, and when you return to the app, you find a disappointing notice to tell you that the app did not track your run.


Nevertheless, this “smart” feature of the Color OS actually saves you a tremendous load of battery and RAM space, which allows the device to run smoothly and at extremely long periods of time.


The Color OS is very aesthetically pleasing. The flat look of it gives off a classic and yet simplistic design that most users should not have difficulty navigating.

If you don’t like the Color OS, you can always download Google Now as your default launcher to replace it.

User Experience


Using the Oppo R9 Plus was an absolute delight. It was smooth, snappy and user friendly. The gestures you could use to activate commonly used apps like WhatsApp made it incredibly convenient for those who live and breathe on their smartphone.

The fingerprint sensor on the front worked extremely fast as well. However, your device will not unlock from sleep mode like the R7, which was something I felt Oppo should have kept.

Apart from the slight disintegration from the Google ecosystem, the Oppo system fared nicely.


The Oppo R9 Plus is a sweet phablet that is more than a larger version of the Oppo R9. The improvements in processor speed and battery life were more significant than the increase in the screen size of the device. If you are in the market for a phablet, the Oppo R9 Plus at $210 (64GB) and $249 (128GB), the device isn’t the cheapest, but definitely value-for-money.

OPPO R9 Plus Price in China

Buy Now OPPO R9 Plus at$210)


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