Acer r13 (R7-372T-77LE) Review in China

Acer r13 (R7-372T-77LE) Review in China
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Overall impressions after a day: Really **bleep** good with some minor gripes. If you’re on the fence about whether you should buy it I recommend buying it. 8.5/10 – even with that rating I’d say it’s the best laptop for the money/specs/portability/upgradability on the market right now. It’d be nice if it could support a WACOM (it can’t) but you can’t win them all.


Standard SD card slot does not allow it to sit it flush with laptop so it juts out. I recommend cutting a MicroSD adapter to refasten the prongs onto a MicroSD card in order to accomplish this.


Minor backlight bleed on portions of edges only visible with true black (bootup… bordered black). I suspect this problem will be present even if I return it given acer history.


That’s it for gripes…. really… I am pumping video to a TV/Projector for media/gaming so #1 isn’t too big an issue. As I said, it’s only true black that I notice it and I’m somewhat obsessive over minor details. #2. Pain in the butt but not impossible. I might give upgrading the SSD a shot instead down the line but for now the workaround should suffice.


Impressions otherwise: Brightness is great (disable adaptive) contrast ratio is great. Speed of SSD and overall performance very good. Battery life, I’ll have to cycle it a couple of times but I suspect I’ll get ~8.5 hrs +/- .5 with responsible brightness management (that means you not adaptive).


Honestly… I was somewhat against getting this laptop and not getting to test out some of my possible complaints made me unhappy but there are a few things that really set it apart from other laptops.


The hinge is awesome for portability. In my opinion, every laptop in the world needs this hinge. I commute every single day and for work I’m bouncing from room to room so I’m on the go and stationary and switching back and forth frequently. I tested this out on the train and what makes it really good in my opinion in terms of portability is that the hinge gives it great balance since you can tilt the back forward and the screen up. So far, this is my preferred way to use the laptop at all times since I just type directly under the screen.  I really like compact laptops that are portable. My previous/current work laptop is a 12y/o acer aspire 1 with an upgraded HDD and 2gb ram running linux that has still been serving me well but as you can imagine… time eventually catches up to these types of things. I really liked the switch series out now and I tried out the acer one 10 but I just coudln’t live with the terrible charging speed and 32bit EFI bootloader and only having 2gb ram. There’s a 10V that will probably arrive in america in feb or sometime soon (it’s been available outside the US for a few months) but it’s still only 2gb ram so far. Anyway… I decided to give this r13 a shot for a couple reasons

-skylake 6500U

-USB C with Thunderbolt

-8GB Ram (basically will be the new “minimum standard” in a few years)


-Ezel Hinge – I love the switch line but this design is an improvement because I’m always afraid of losing my keyboard dock on detachables, standard” convertables” make tablet mode let the keyboard sit on the surface (or your fingers) and maybe it’s just obsessiveness but I’m not too keen on that really. My next point explains the rest

-Upgradeable storage/Replaceable Battery – I use my laptops for a long time… I don’t want to deal with opening up a tablet and definitely don’t want to have to “send it in” to replace a battery 2 years down the line


One last thought about this:

Google the razer blade stealth displayed at CES 2016… compare the specs to this. For the “home gamer” I think it’s a no brainer here. I know Acer is coming out with their 12s but I really don’t see any plusses since that only has a core M processor versus this i7 for 900$ that will be getting a min 8hr batt life (realistically). Thunderbolt external GPU gaming has been shown to be able to keep up with the desktops in the past few months so there isn’t really anything this laptop is not suitable for except for maybe… standard vertical tablet mode (especially when walking around). I think it’s a bit big for that. I do like lap-based kickstand tablet mode though. It’s ultracompact that way and it doesn’t matter where you are because you get the benefit of that huge screen.


Acer, if you’re reading this, this is what you need to do to make this line hands down 10/10 perfect


OLED DISPLAY with no true black edge bleed


SD/MircoSD Flush in Laptop Body (spring loaded)

Upgradeable DDR4 Ram Support (Pretty sure onboard ram is soldered)



Absolute last thing I’m going to say about this….


A few days ago there was a report of skylake processors having a glitch that causes freezing which will require a BIOS update: (google it)

Acer! We want this update!

Recommended online purchase shop: Acer R7-372T-77LE Wholesale distributors price: $356

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